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Secondary Bespoke Programmes

The Regional Staff College’s new Secondary bespoke provision is designed to help senior and middle leaders enhance their professional skills in their school setting. This includes support for self review activities and a range of development sessions on key themes.

Support for Self Review

College Associates are able to provide a wide range of professional support, advice and guidance in relation to the process of school self-review.  This bespoke provision is client-focused, completely independent and designed to enhance performance at individual and organisational levels as required. 

Development Activities can include;

• Joint lesson observations with senior leaders to validate judgements and obtain an external perspective
• Joint lesson observations with middle leaders to support them in identifying areas of strength and for improvement; discussing their lessons and practising giving feedback
• Reviews of specific aspects e.g. focus on an underperforming group of pupils to include pupil discussion, work scrutiny, pupil trail, staff discussion
• Scrutiny of a school’s review cycle and the range of activities undertaken to ensure the processes are robust and contribute to improvement
• Preparing for Ofsted through building middle and senior leader confidence by ensuring they are prepared to answer key questions and have robust evidence to back up their judgements
• ‘Cold reading’ of self evaluation documentation and objective feedback

Each school will have its own priorities for improvement as well as the need to consider the impact of national developments.  College Associates will work closely with the school to shape the support needed.


Leadership Programmes in School


The College offers a bespoke development programme for Secondary Middle Leaders and Senior Leaders.  This is made up of different themes and can be run in school as a series of twilight sessions or half days.  The sessions can be tailored to the school’s context, performance data, Ofsted reports and priorities.  They are for key groups of staff in the school e.g. middle leaders, aspiring senior leaders, established senior leaders.  Programmes will be designed following discussions with the Head teacher / senior leader with responsibility for staff development.

Focus group; Middle Leaders

• Key responsibilities and accountabilities of the middle leader role
• Raise online its implications for improvement planning at department level, taking into account the whole school picture
• Other performance data including school dashboard, performance tables and what it means for the school and leaders area of responsibility
• Making judgements about the quality of teaching and leading improvements in the quality of teaching
• Ofsted criteria for judging effectiveness
• Understanding myself, my team, getting the best out of my team and having difficult conversations
• Leading effective and efficient meetings which contribute to moving the team / subject / aspect forward

Throughout the programme, leaders will be helped to reflect on their practice and effectiveness and evaluate its impact.

Focus group;  Aspiring Senior Leaders

Underlying process of the programme – self awareness, impact on others, self development, development of teams, impact on pupils

• Key responsibilities and accountabilities of senior leaders
• Strategies to enable participants to be aware of themselves and their impact on others, getting the best out of a pupil.
• Management processes to ‘get things done’
• Support to carry out a whole school development activity
• Skills, strategies and dealing with different behaviours
• Reflection on practice
• Overcoming barriers to success
• Presentation skills
• Impact of whole school development activity